Best 27 Salad Dressings

#1 Salad Cookbook: Quick and Easy Salad Recipes That Everyone Will Love (Salads to Go)

Gordon Rock
Kindle: $2.99
Paperback: $12.99

in today’s day and age, healthy eating has become a luxury; from organic foods to local produce, eating healthy is becoming more and more expensive and inconvenient. where this fact pushes more people to choose the so called ‘convenient foods’ over healthy meals, it also causes obesity and other health problems. Exercise may help you burn calories but it is healthy eating that makes for a sustainable wholesome lifestyle. That is why we have created this book so that you can eat salad for weight loss. in the pages to come, you will discover some of the best salad recipes available. 

Salad Samurai helps you achieve that goal by outlining some of the best salad recipes that are hearty enough to be delicious and still help you lose plenty of weight. All the recipes covered in this book are easy to make and take less than a half hour to put together. Most of the salads use ingredients that are readily available in every pantry. This is why you can enjoy salad for weight loss without having any guilt, all the while being healthy by following the best salad recipes.

These 30 salad recipes for weight loss will help you feel light and fresh. Try these recipes out and you will never crave ‘convenient foods’ again.

#2 132+ Delicious Salads, Dressings and Dips: Healthy Salad Recipes For Weight Loss, Great For Vegetarian and Raw Vegan Diets (Gabrielle's FUSS-FREE Healthy Eating Cookbooks and Vegetarian Recipes)

Gabrielle Raiz
Kindle: $2.99

Make Mouth-Watering Healthy Salad Recipes For Weight Loss and Healthy Eating. Great Cookbook For Vegetarians and Vegans!

in this packed-full-of-recipes and information healthy cookbook, you'll discover over 132 healthy salad recipes, delectable dressings, creamy yummy dips and satisfying healthy dinners. Whether you are vegetarian or vegan, or just looking for a healthy and convenient alternative to the dreary old salad, everyone's taste buds will go crazy when they sample your amazing scrumptious salads, dressings and dips.

Let Gabrielle lead you on your own personal healthy super-salad revolution, expand your repertoire of healthy and raw food and delight your taste buds. These health-giving creations, using easy to find ingredients, have been convincing even the most salad-phobic of folk! With her trademark down-to-earth approach, Gabrielle shows you:

  • How to create delicious, healthy salads, dressings and dips – all fuss-free, tried and tested and … using easy-to-find ingredients!
  • How to make even the most often-used salad ingredients taste far better, by cleverly preparing your vegetables to vary consistency and "mouth-feel"
  • How simplicity can make you a winner in the kitchen. Some healthy salad recipes you will learn are beautiful precisely because of their simplicity.
  • How you don't always need a complex or long list of ingredients to make your healthy creations interesting or delicious.
  • Versatile recipes, ranging from simple through to Gabrielle's famous and sophisticated "super salads". Lose weight! Feel vital and alive!
  • 215+ pages of practical information

Easily make the transition away from "packaged and processed foods" and enjoy eating fresh, (mostly) raw vegetables and superfoods - the key ingredients to vibrant health, weight loss and energy!

#3 Healthy Salad Dressing: Sensational Salad Dressing Recipes

Martha Stone
Kindle: $3.95
Paperback: $12.99

Currently, most people are aware that health is important. People eat a lot of green vegetables when they go out, but let me ask you this, how many people can make a homemade salad? Now, tell me, from that set of individuals, who can make a homemade salad dressing? I would think that not many can make their own salad dressing properly.

This healthy salad dressing recipe book is easy to follow for beginners and has a variety of modern methods for experts that want more inventive ideas like:

- Coconut Lime Dressing
- Tahini Lemon Dressing
- Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Grab a copy of this book today, and let’s get started.

#4 Vinaigrettes & Other Dressings: 60 Sensational recipes to Liven Up Greens, Grains, Slaws, and Every Kind of Salad

Michele Anna Jordan
Kindle: $9.99

It is no wonder why Californians hold the secret to making the perfect salad: lettuce and all types of greens are one of the major crops coming out of California, and who better to trust in handling these greens with care?

Lifelong Californian Michele Anna Jordan is, according to Mollie Katzen, "the quintessential expert on California cuisine" and first channeled this expertise into the successful book, California Home Cooking. Since then, she has been perfecting her salad-making craft over several decades as a chef, caterer, food columnist, and cookbook author. in Vinaigrettes and Other Dressings, she shares her wisdom about the most critical component in any salad: its dressing.

About half of the recipes in Vinaigrettes and Other Dressings are riffs on the classic vinegar-and-olive-oil vinaigrette. But Michele take the formula in surprising and delicious directions, sometimes by using flavored vinegars (either store-bought or flavored by the home cook), sometimes by using dark vs. light or mild vs. strong olive oils, sometimes by switching out the olive oil for another oil, and always by adding flavoring elements like berries, citrus, honey, bacon, nuts, mustard and even wines and sherries (There is a whole art to selecting the right wines to make a given dressing, and the California-bred Jordan has the perfect skills here, too.). The remaining recipes include: milk- or cream-based dressings, dressings that start with a base of finely pureed fruits or vegetables, and dressings that feature a distinctively flavored oil, such as walnut oil or hazelnut oil. While the emphasis is on dressings for green salads and which greens pair best with each dressing, there are ample ideas for other uses, such as green bean, potato, and other veggie salads, as well as fruit salads and dinner salads that include meats or fish. The recipes will be accompanied by colorful photographs, and plenty of tips to guide the home cook’s creativity in the kitchen.

#5 Delicious Homemade Salad Dressing Recipes - 1 Year of Salad Dressings: 50 original, Cheap, and Easy Dressings!

Martha Stone
Kindle: $3.95
Paperback: $12.99

Want to eat healthy but tired of the same old salad week after week? Wish food that’s good for you tasted good too? You need Delicious Homemade Salad Dressing Recipes-1 Year of Salad Dressings: 50 original, Cheap, and Easy Dressings! ! Enjoy unique and original delicious salad dressing recipes for an entire year! Cheap, easy, and healthy ingredients make up these salad dressing recipes so you can enjoy the salad of the week guilt-free! Anyone can make the delicious salad dressing recipes, so get your copy today! Everyone is sure to enjoy these salad dressing recipes!

#6 Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings and Toppings

Mark Sisson
Kindle: $9.99

Following the popularity of The Primal Blueprint Cookbook and Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals (both attained Amazon’s #1 ranking for low-carb cookbooks), best-selling author Mark Sisson and gourmet chef Jennifer Meier team up again to transform ordinary meals into culinary masterpieces with Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings & Toppings. You’ll get acquainted with the essential list of Primal-approved ingredients: butter, coconut milk, flour alternatives, puréed vegetables, nut butters, eggs, healthful oils, vinegar, salt and assorted herbs and spices. Then, it’s off to the races to create your dips, rubs, dessert toppings, marinades, seasonings, salsa, pesto, flavored butter, tapenade, gravy and much more. The rich and satisfying flavor these sauces, dressings and toppings bring to your meals will not only boost nutritional and antioxidant values, but will also ban the objectionable sugars and fats found in most conventional flavor enhancers from the table! from staples like ketchup, mustard and hot sauce, to the more exotic creations like Blueberry Chutney, Carrot Salsa and Avocado Lime Dressing, each recipe enhances the nutritional value of your meal and uses only Primal ingredients. That means no gluten, grains, legumes, added sugars or unhealthy trans or polyunsaturated oils. and you don’t have to compromise great taste or spend hours slaving over complicated preparations. With options organized into convenient categories and presented with vibrant photos and simple instructions, going Primal just got easier—and a whole lot tastier!

#7 Thinking Outside the Lettuce: inspiring Lettuce-free Salads (Salads to go, Salad Recipes, Salad Dressing, Salad in a Jar Book 1)

Anne-Elizabeth Clemmer
Kindle: $2.99

Admit it, the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of salad is… yes, lettuce. and, oh, what a shame! Lettuce-less salads have been enjoyed for centuries by people of many different cultures. 

This book contains 30 original lettuce-free salad recipes drawing upon a variety of cultural influences.

The salads in this book can be enjoyed as a side dish, main dish, or even as desert.

If salad has become a blah moment on your otherwise exciting plate, or if you’re just looking for some fresh ideas, let this book help you start thinking outside the lettuce.

#8 Attention! Healthy Salad Dressers: Nutritious Salad Dressing Recipes for All Seasons - Salad Dressing Cookbook for All Occasions and Salads

April Blomgren
Kindle: $3.98
Paperback: $12.99

Salad dressings provide the opportunity for culinary lovers and nutrition experts to become innovative in diverse ways. Salad dressings work can be prepared from different ingredients and they don’t even take much time to prepare.

Salads are not complete without the dressings, they come with different taste and tones, some do come with healthy herbs and spices, and some can be prepared from cheese, yoghurt and some other dairy products.

This book has been prepared to educate and inform you on some of the best possible ways to prepare some popular and non-popular salad dressings. Here are some other things you will learn here;

- Healthy and low carb salad dressings for weight watchers,
- Salad dressings specially designed for green salads,
- Salad dressings with special ingredients from different parts of the world, and
- Time-saving salad dressings for the busy days.

#9 Asian Salads Book: The Ultimate Asian Salad Dressing Cookbook and Best Asian Salad Recipes You Will Ever Find!

Rachael Rayner
Kindle: $2.99
Paperback: $12.99

It is no secret that Asian salads are not only incredibly healthy for you, but they are also incredibly delicious! If you are a huge fan of classic Asian salad dishes, then then is the perfect Asian Salad Dressing Cookbook for you.

inside of this book you will discover not only a few of the benefits of consuming Asian salads regularly, but you will also find the best Asian salad recipes that you will ever find.

So, what are you waiting for?

Buy your copy of this book today and start making these healthy and delicious salads in no time!

#10 Salads & Salad Dressings: 33 Amazing Vegan Recipes for Clean Eating & Rapid Weight Loss (Dumb Vegan Recipes Book 5)

Paul Jones
Kindle: $2.99

Tired of the same old boring salads? Dumb Vegan to the rescue!

Read for free on Kindle Unlimited & get a FREE BonUS e-book offer with every download!

“Salads are boring.” That was what most of us were taught growing up, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

in his new book, Paul Jones, aka “the Dumb Vegan,” has compiled more than 33 recipes designed to break the monotony experienced by those trying to lose weight or “eat clean” by eating salads with tons of fresh vegetables, fruit and grains. in The Dumb Vegan Guide to Salads & Salad Dressings, Paul will show you that there is more to salads than Thousand Island or Ranch dressing dumped on a sad pile of lettuce.

If you are a fan of great vegan cookbooks like Veganomicon, Thug Kitchen, and Forks Over Knives, Paul’s book will not disappoint.

Here is just a sample of the recipes Paul includes in his new book:

• Vegan Waldorf Salad

• Sesame-Crusted Avocado Salad

• Quinoa Tofu Salad

• Autumn Harvest Salad

• Cucumber Coconut Salad

• The Best Fruit Salad

• Curried Seitan Cabbage Salad

• Japanese Yam Bowl

• Veggie Taco Salad with Mexican Goddess Dressing

• …and MUCH MorE!

So grab your copy of The Dumb Vegan Guide to Salads & Salad Dressings today and start eating clean, feeling great and losing weight!

#11 Salads & Dressings: 100 Super Delicious, Ultra-Hearty and Easy-to-Make Salads and Dressings That You Will Love

Alisha Abbott
Kindle: $3.45

Discover How To Create Magnificent Salads & Dressings from Easy-To-Find ingredients!

This Book Will Show You About How You Can Prepare Professional Salads & Dressings Without Being A Professional!

By Reading This Book You Will Learn How To Make Salads & Dressings!

It Is Written in Nice and Easy Way To Make Sure That It Facilitates and Satisfies Majority Of The Audience!

Written For All Those Who Are Willing To Learn How To Prepare or Want To Improve The Already Existing Skills!

This Salads & Dressings Book Can Be Used by Beginners, As Well As Those Well informed Chefs.

So What Are You Waiting For? Grab A Copy Of This Book Almost Free on Just $0.99. Click "Buy" and Discover Easy and Time Preserving Ways To Prepare Delicious Salads & Dressings Recipes At Home. If You Don't Have Kindle You Can Still Read This Book on Your Web Browser Using Amazon Free Cloud Reader.

This Book Contains Effective Strategies and Easy Tips on How To Facilitate Yourself and Amaze The Guests By Preparing Delicious Salads & Dressings Recipes At Home.

You No Longer Need To Spend A Lot Of Money Eating in Restaurants. The Recipes included in This Book Are Very Easy To Follow and Fun To Prepare.

Most Dishes Are Easy To Cook, Especially The Common ones. They May Look Overwhelming To Prepare Due To Their Presentation But They Are Quite Simple. The Dishes in This Book Are Not only Filling, They Are Tasty and Healthy Too.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn After Downloading This Kindle book:

introduction To Salads
Salads & Weight Loss
Tips For Making Best Salads
50 Salads Recipes
50 Salad Dressing Recipes

Following Are The Core Points Of This Cookbook That Will Do Much Good For You !

•Each Recipe in This Cookbook Healthy, Tasty and Easy To Prepare.
•Step-By-Step Directions For Preparing Each Of The Recipes That Makes The Process Of Cooking Much Easier and Quicker.
•Illustrates How To initiate and Achieve The Best Possible Outcome in Shape Of A Recipe When You're Done With The instructions.
•Calculative and Efficient Way Of Utilizing ingredients Allow You To Use The ingredients Categorically and in Precise Quantity.
•Table Of The Content Makes It Easier For You To Prioritize The Topic Of Your interest.

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#12 20 Heavenly Raw Vegan Salad Dressings

Olivia Budgen
Kindle: $9.99

Make your salads irresistible every time with these 20 heavenly raw vegan salad dressings.

Store-bought dressings are usually loaded with chemicals, salt, refined sugar and fat. My hope is that you realise how easy it is to make salad dressings at home that taste amazing and are great for your health.

Whether you’re transitioning to a healthier lifestyle and struggling to eat salads, or you simply want to experience new flavour combinations, these dressings will surely tantalise your taste buds!

There is a variety of dressings, including high fat, low fat, overt-fat free, high protein, fruit based, thick, thin, and spicy. So there is something for everyone.

Some examples include:

Mouth-Watering Macadamia
Bold Basil
Ultimate Almond
Green Goddess
Sexy Caesar

They are all uncooked, oil-free and plant-based and can be whipped up in 5 minutes or less in your blender.

#13 Classic American sauces and dressing for salads.: Cookbook: 80 perfect sauces for every day and barbecue party.

Daniel Hall
Kindle: $4.99

No wonder everyone likes to eat deliciously, but if the taste of everyday food is improved and decorated with sauces? Of course, that's why my book contains the best classic recipes for barbecue sauces and everyday dishes. and also for lovers of salads, I have developed seasonings for any season for your personal taste.

#14 Best Dressed: 50 Recipes, Endless Salad inspiration

Dawn Yanagihara
Kindle: $9.99

What makes the tastiest salad? Great ingredients, of course, plus a beautifully balanced dressing and a bit of crunchy texture. This book has all the fixings for those looking for lunch or savory supper ideas and inspirations: 35 recipes for dressings, 10 toppings, 10 composed salads that bring all the elements together perfectly, and more than 20 vibrant photographs. Each dressing recipe is paired with suggestions for which greens work best, and add-ons (toasted nuts, roasted vegetables, cooked grains) that provide great options for the best salads all year long.

#15 Well Dressed: Salad Dressings

Jeff Keys
Kindle: $9.99

Well Dressed includes 75 recipes for sweet vinaigretes, tangy creamy dressings, and rich warm dressings that dress up a green salad, pasta salad, and vegetables, or even marinate meat. Asian Ginger Lime; Warm Mushroom, Bacon, and Molasses; Provencal Caper and Green Olive; and Mango, Sweet onion, and Fresh Thyme are just a few of the exceptional flavor combinations you will experience.

#16 Salad Dressing Recipes - 25 Basic and original Healthy Salad Dressing: The Salad Dressing Cookbook full of Flavor and Aroma

Martha Stephenson
Kindle: $2.99

Salad dressing is the little extra or may be even the most essential ingredient of all the delicious salads we always prepare with our meal. To be honest a salad without dressing is not very appetizing even if you make it with vegetable or fruit, the final and key ingredient that is missing is your dressing. A nice dressing you make using your little imagination and letting it be out of the ordinary could make your salad an unforgettable experience.

in this salad dressing cookbook I have selected some of the best basic and original salad dressing recipes that will change your taste bud with the flavor and aroma needed to delight your entire salad recipe.

A basic salad dressing should have four ingredients, the vinegar, oil, salt, and pepper. Add to this basic list as many items as you like, just avoiding bad associations and always using quality products.

So, the time has come to change all your classic salad dressing recipes, let yourself go to the inventiveness and daring blends, while maintaining a gustatory harmony of flavor and aroma. Explore the wide range of vinegar and oil available today in your next-door store; don’t hesitate to include herbs, spices and other ingredients, such as garlic or shallots, into your dressing. However, I will not get tired of repeating that the most important is to surprise your friends and family and surprise yourself by creating new salad dressing recipes.

Let's Get Cooking! Scroll Back Up and Grab Your Copy Today!

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Then, you can immediately begin reading Salad Dressing Recipes - 25 Basic and original Healthy Salad Dressing: The Salad Dressing Cookbook full of Flavor and Aroma on your Kindle Device, Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

#17 Plant-Powered Dressings: Delicious and Easy Oil-Free Dressings

Dreena Burton
Kindle: $5.99

This ebook is full of easy and delicious plant-powered oil-free dressings. These recipes will help you create delicious and nutritious dressings in your own kitchen!

These dressings are nutrient-rich, using whole plant foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, seeds, and nuts for flavor and texture. Recipes include:

24 ‘Carrot’ Gold Dressing nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free
Basic Chia Vinaigrette nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free
Limealicious Vinaigrette nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free
Greek Salad Vinaigrette nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free
Ranch Dressing nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free (tho soy/nut milk preferred)
Lemon-Thyme Caper Dressing soy-free, gluten-free
Green Goddess Dressing nut-free option, soy-free, gluten-free
Creamy Nut-Free Caesar Dressing nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free (tho soy milk preferred)
Balsamic-date Vinaigrette nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free
Vegan Island Dressing soy-free, gluten-free
Maple Chipotle Chickpea Dressing bonus nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free

There is also a section on ingredient notes for ingredients and another section with tips on kitchen tools.

#18 Seasons for salad dressing. Cookbook: 30 recipes

Daniel Hall
Kindle: $2.99

After trying these dressing recipes at home you will surely forget to buy dressings in bottled. Each and every salad dressing is extremely enchanting that everyone will be forced to praise your salad and will ask you to make these again and again.
Some of the feature recipes in this book are: Mango Lime Puree Dressing, Hot Green Chili Dressing, Parsley and Sour Cream Mayo Dressing, Tranquil Grapes Dressing, Apple Vinaigrette Dressing, Blood orange Winter Dressing, Sizzling Chili Flake Dressing, Buttermilk Dressing, Beetroot Pesto Dressing and much more.

#19 Salad Dressing: 50 Quick and Easy Epic Salad Dressing that everyone would love to enjoy

Kathy J. Thompson
Kindle: $3.99

Discover How To Create Magnificent Salad Dressing from Easy-To-Find ingredients!

This Book Will Show You About How You Can Prepare Professional Salad Dressing Without Being A Professional!

You'll Learn The Secrets Of Preparing Diabetic Recipes in Professional Manners!

It Is Written in Nice and Easy Way To Make Sure That It Facilitates and Satisfies Majority Of The Audience!

Written For All Those Who Are Willing To Learn How To Prepare or Want To Improve The Already Existing Skills!

So What Are You Waiting For? Grab A Copy Of This Book. Click "Buy" and Discover Easy and Time Preserving Ways To Prepare Delicious Salad Dressing At Home.

This Book Contains Effective Strategies and Easy Tips on How To Facilitate Yourself and Amaze The Guests By Preparing Delicious Salad Dressing At Home and Unique Way Of Serving It.
All The Recipes in This Book Are Quite Fun Making, Delicious, Healthy and Simple Recipes.

Following Are The Core Points Of This COOKBOOK That Will Do Much Good For You!

•Step-By-Step and Easy Procedure
•Illustrates How To initiate and Achieve The Best Possible Outcome in Shape Of A Recipe When You'll be Done With The instructions
•Calculative and Efficient Way Of Utilizing ingredients
•Allow You To Use The ingredients Categorically and in Precise Quantity

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#20 Salads: 365 days of Salad Recipes (Salads, Salads Recipes, Salads to go, Salad Cookbook, Salads Recipes Cookbook, Salads for Weight Loss, Salad Dressing Recipes, Salad Dressing, Salad)

Emma Katie
Kindle: $0.99


365 days of Salad Recipes is mainly designed to make each and every cook book lover relish the fine dining vegetarian dishes at home. It is about feeling great, having more energy, stabilizing your mood, and keeping yourself as healthy as possible. These things can be achieved by learning some nutrition basics and using them in a way that works for you.
in Salad 365 Healthy Recipes, the author provides 365 healthy recipes for people who are searching for a healthier life. Salad offers several advantages:
•Salad can build your hydration level. Most veggies are greater part water, so when you consume them you naturally hydrate your body.
•High fiber salads consumed before a dinner have a tendency to help you devour less of the higher calorie nourishments served subsequently. This fiber completion symptom will help you get thinner.
•Low Calories. If you plan to be more fit and if healthy life is your objective, you may need to begin your meals with a green salad.
•Salads are delicious, and we can mix them in many different combinations. Salad also has many advantages, so the more of them you have, the healthier you will be.
The cookbook includes the best recipes which the writer has tested and even gives you various cooking options through the oven, microwave and stove.

in addition to mouthwatering recipes like:
Barbecue salad with spice mix
Green mango salad
Green mango salad
Anchovy salad

The book has the best and most efficient steps that a housewife needs to present her magic in the kitchen. Everyone can enjoy the best dishes and perfect taste. Thus prepare the best 365 days of Salad recipes and keep your health sustained.
Get your copy today and enjoy 365 days of delicious, healthy and mouth watering Salad recipes.

Get your copy today and enjoy 365 days of delicious, healthy and mouth watering salads recipes.

#21 [Weight Loss Recipes] 44 Condiment & Salad Dressing Recipes - Without the Trans Fat, Added Sugars, Additives, Preservatives, or Chemicals Found in Conventional ... Products that Make You Sick & Overweight

Susan J Campbell
Kindle: $0.99

* * * * from #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Susan J Campbell * * * *

*Discover Why People Who Regularly Consume Conventional Condiments & Salad Dressings are STILL Sick & Fat*

Having trouble losing weight? Have heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis or another inflammatory condition?

The reason most people fail to lose weight is because they’re not addressing the proper aspects of their diet. instead of first focusing on the “big picture”, the quality and the nutrient density of the food they consume, they focus instead on caloric restriction or eating low fat, both of which have been proven useless for weight loss.

Losing weight isn’t that difficult once you have the correct strategy and start taking action on the things that will move you closer towards achieving your weight loss goals. Put simply, successful weight loss is accomplished by clearing out the low quality and nutrient sparse foods from the diet and replacing them with healthy, high quality food loaded with nutrients.

Conventional condiments and salad dressings are very low quality food that you consume in abundance and that are keeping you sick and fat. inside this guide you'll learn why.

*Download Now* 44 Condiment & Salad Dressing Recipes [Weight Loss Recipes] - Without the Trans Fat, Added Sugar, Additives, Preservatives or Chemicals Found in Conventional Products that Make You Sick & Overweight

in this guide, you will discover 44 healthy and homemade versions of your favorite brand named condiments and salad dressings.

These recipes are suitable for low carb, Paleo, diabetics, and folks with cancer, heart disease & high cholesterol.

There are NO TRANS FATS & NO ADDED SUGARS in these recipes, not to mention chemicals or preservatives. This will drastically reduce the amount of inflammation in your body that’s caused by the junk in the conventional condiments you consume every day.

Here are just a few of your favorite condiments you’ll receive healthy recipes for:

Dijon mustard
BBQ sauce
Steak sauce
Hot sauce
Horseradish sauce
Ranch dressing
Russian dressing
Warm bacon dressing
Fresh herb vinaigrette
Carrot ginger dressing
Blue cheese dressing
Avocado basil vinaigrette
French dressing

Again, these recipes contain no added sugars or trans fats and they taste amazing. The best part is that all the recipes take only a few minutes to make and can be made with normal, every day ingredients you can source from your local supermarket.

*Bonus 7 Step inflammation-Reduction Weight Loss Strategy*

Also included in this guide as a bonus is a 7 Step inflammation-Reducing Weight Loss Strategy for you to use to start decreasing the amount of inflammation in your body, improving your health and finally losing your unwanted body fat.

Would You Like Access to My Condiment & Salad Dressing Recipes as well as my 7 Step inflammation-Reduction Weight Loss Strategy?

Please download this guide now and start losing weight quickly, starting today.

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By Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, Susan J. Campbell, MS

I've been helping people to lose weight, increase their fitness levels, and improve their health using the latest scientifically proven exercise and nutrition methods since 1998.

Since obtaining both my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Exercise Physiology I've helped thousands of people reach their weight loss goals by using the tactics I share in this guide.

Learn how to lose more weight and bust through weight loss plateaus today. Scroll up and grab your copy now.

#22 Top 50 Most Delicious Homemade Salad Dressing Recipes [A Salad Dressing Cookbook] (Recipe Top 50's Book 106)

Julie Hatfield
Kindle: $0.99

What’s a salad without a dressing? Everyone enjoys a salad with a delicious dressing that can match its flavors. Sometimes, we use the same dressing over and over again, until it’s becomes boring. Why ruin a good salad with an overused salad dressing?

This book contains a wide variety of scrumptious salad dressing recipes that are budget friendly and easy to make. Why buy salad dressings when you can make your own quickly and easily? If you like salads, then you will love these recipes. Whether you're making a dressing to put in a garden-fresh salad, on a sandwich, or even as a sauce or marinade for chicken, steak or fish, these recipes will add incredible and unique flavors to all of these.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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#23 Life-Changing Salad Dressings: in 3 Minutes Flat (Grace Légere Cookbooks Book 2)

Grace Légere
Kindle: $2.99

 Flavor is at the heart of this cookbook and it will put more than 40 lip-smacking salad dressing recipes at your fingertips. Grace Légere shares her favorites which range from the classic to the unique and exotic. Use them as dressing for your leafy salads, vegetables and fruits, as well as on sandwiches or as dipping sauces.  You'll be delighted by her flavor combinations and will probably be inspired to come up with a few of your own. Make her garlicky Sicilian "Cupboard" Dressing, or freshen things up with her recipe for Citrus Dressing. Family and loved ones will rave over a simple salad when Grace's Creamy Honey Mustard with Fresh Herbs dressing is on it.   
       With a bowl, a whisk, and some simple ingredient preparation, these dressings go together in a flash. All can be enjoyed right away, or conveniently refrigerated to enjoy meal after meal. Freshly made dressings are tastier and better for you.  You might never buy a bottled dressing again!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
"I wish all of my meals were as delicious and easy to make."  Reviews: April 13, 2017                                  
  • Also check out Life-Changing Compound Butters in 3 Minutes Flat and Life-Changing Potato Salads in 30 Minutes Flat 

#24 Salad Dressing Recipes: 120 Delightful Homemade Salad Dressings Just for You! (120 Easy Recipes Book 6)

Topflight Cookbooks
Kindle: $0.99

******limitED TIME OFFER******

The concept of “salad dressings” differs from one country to another. For example, the vinaigrettes are very popular in Europe while the mayonnaise is mostly used in Russia. The salad dressings which are based on sweet cream are more popular in Denmark while North America has the biggest collection of salad dressings in the world.

It doesn’t matter which salad dressing recipe you use. The basic idea here is that it changes the taste of a salad in a second. The same combination of veggies tastes completely different according to the salad dressing you are using.

Discover some original and interesting salad dressing recipes and change the way you eat your salads forever.

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#25 Healthy salad dressings 20 easy recipes to follow (FREE Bonus included): Made in 5 minutes or less (healthy salad dressings, salad dressing recipes, healthy ... dressing recipes, vegan salad dressings)

innana Canon
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Who said salads have to be boring?
Start eating healthier today by creating your own healthy salad dressings to pair with your salads!

I don't know about you but I get overwhelmed with too many choices. in this book, I have narrowed down (in my opinion) the best, easy-to-follow, healthy salad dressings which can be made in 5 minutes or less!

#26 Homemade Salad Dressings: 50 Simple, Delicious and Healthy DIY Salad Dressing Recipes

Linda Stevens
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Start making your own easy, delicious homemade classic dressing recipes, refreshing vinaigrettes, rich and creamy dressings, fruit-based dressings and specialty blender dressings for Nutribullet and Magic Bullet all the while saving money and looking after your health!

Salads are the quintessential healthy food, at least they should be. However, how many times has the wholesome nutrition of a beautiful salad been demolished by the addition of an unhealthy salad dressing? The typical dressing that you get off of your grocer’s shelves is disaster to every dieter’s goals. Unfortunately, it is more than just added empty calories. Today, we each have our own health goals and means of attaining them. Some of us aim to be heart healthy, while others choose low sodium, low carb or gluten free. The standard processed dressing is a detriment to all of these dietary lifestyles as they are more often than not laden with unhealthy saturated fats, too much sodium, hidden sugar and secret gluten that negatively affects the unsuspecting consumer. These dietary enemies make our goals more difficult to achieve and steal enjoyment from our plates. Each recipe in this book is labeled as ‘low carb, gluten free or vegan’ and contains nutritional information so you know exactly what goes on your salad.

There is a solution to this problem and it resides in your own kitchen in the form of homemade salad dressings that are incredibly simple to make, wholesomely nutritious and will bring new life and vibrancy to your meals. The dressings in this book will suit every taste and an incredible variety of salad types and ingredients. They are specifically tailored to modern dietary lifestyles and easy to modify to your unique needs. With 50 options to choose from, your salads will no longer be boring or common, but will entice you and make you remember the pleasure of healthy eating once again.

Here is a sample of the tasty recipes included in the book:

Garlic Italian Dressing
Basic Balsamic Vinaigrette
Perfect Honey Mustard Dressing
Tangy Yogurt Based Thousand Island Dressing
Lightened Up Ranch
Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing
Champagne and Shallot Vinaigrette
Asiago Garlic Vinaigrette
Greek Style Vinaigrette
Walnut Herb Vinaigrette
Sweet and Spicy Pecan Vinaigrette
Spicy Ginger Vinaigrette
Horseradish Dill Dressing
Dijon Caper Dressing
Ginger Curry Dressing
Creamy Parmesan Dressing
Honey Lemon Dressing
Raspberry Vinaigrette
Sweet Grapefruit Vinaigrette
Blue Raspberry Dressing
Papaya Mint Dressing
Plus much much more!


#27 Salad Dressing: 59 Healthy Homemade Salad Dressing Recipes For Vegetarian, Vegan, and Plant Based Diet. No Oil. No Mayo. No Vinegar. (Healthy Recipes. Healthy Cookbooks To Keep in Your Kitchen.)

Mila Jacobs
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Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes. No oil. No mayo. No vinegar.

How is that even possible to make a salad dressing without those main ingredients? This book will show you healthy recipes that are easy to make at home.

Are you tired of store bought salad dressings packed with nothing but suspicious ingredients and preservatives? Would you like some fresh tasty dressings for your salads?
How about making salad dressings from scratch, at home, with natural ingredients? But not just that! Recipes in this book do not contain oil, vinegar, dairy, and even mayonnaise!
“But how is that possible? How would you even make a dressing without staple ingredients?” - you would ask. Well, let me show you the way to yummy, healthy dressings.
All recipes are vegetarian, and will be perfect for those following a plant based diet.

Salad Dressing: Top 59 Healthy Homemade Salad Dressing Recipes For Vegetarian, Vegan, and Plant Based Diet. No Oil. No Mayo. No Vinegar.

Healthy Recipes. Healthy Cookbooks To Keep in Your Kitchen.

#28 Salad in a Jar: 68 Recipes for Salads and Dressings

Anna Helm Baxter
Kindle: $9.68

A collection of more than 60 illustrated recipes for simple-to-prepare salads, dressings, breakfasts, and snacks to take on the go.

The solution to the lunchtime salad rut, Salad in a Jar provides healthy, easy alternatives to dissatisfying or overpriced grab-and-go meals. These nutritionally balanced recipes are perfect for making ahead. Anna Helm Baxter reveals the keys to layering ingredients to maximize freshness and texture for a hearty and satisfying dish or snack. Tips and tricks include instructions on designing salads in a jar with recipes for raw salads, side salads, meal salads, snacks, and desserts.

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