Best 27 Soups

#1 Clean Soups: Simple, Nourishing Recipes for Health and Vitality

Rebecca Katz
Kindle: $12.59

from bestselling author Rebecca Katz comes this collection of 60 recipes for pure, cleansing soups intended to renew and restore.

Soup has a unique ability to nourish and heal the body. in Clean Soups, author Rebecca Katz shows you how to use wholesome stocks and soups to naturally detox and stay energized year-round. She also explains the building blocks for creating deliciously balanced soups, such as Moroccan carrot soup, kale soup with coconut and lime, and simplest chicken pho. With foundational broths, blended soups, and traditional healing soups, as well as a two-day cleanse, Clean Soups shows how one simple bowl can make a huge difference in how you feel.

#2 Not Just Chicken Noodle Soup: original Soup Recipes to Make the Best Soups at Home This Autumn

Gordon Rock
Kindle: $3.95
Paperback: $12.99

When the leaves are changing and it starts to get chilly or when the snow is falling and it’s freezing outside, the most inviting thing in the world is a hot bowl of freshly made hearty soup that has the added benefit of being good for you.

If you’re looking for guilt free comfort food on a cold day that isn’t the same old you can it on the pages of this book starting from the almost traditional but still new and different chicken stew to the inspiring but hearty black carrot soup with spinach pesto and toasted pine nuts.

These interesting soup recipes will prove to be the best you’ve ever found and will have people asking how you made the best soup they’ve ever tasted!

#3 New England Soup Factory Cookbook: More Than 100 Recipes from the Nation's Best Purveyor of Fine Soup

Marjorie Druker
Kindle: $9.99

More than 100 of the best soup recipes Boston has to offer accompanied by fun stories and beautiful full-color photography.

Marjorie Druker is passionate about soups. She fell in love with soups when she first heard the story Stone Soup. After attending Johnston & Whales, Marjorie created the menu for the popular Boston Market restaurant chain, and soups were always her favorite. "My niche is taking what people like to eat and turning it into a soup," she says.

The New England Soup Factory restaurant has won the Best of Boston award four times. People skip school to eat their soups. A pregnant in labor stopped by the restaurant on the way to the hospital to satisfy a last-minute craving. New England Soup Factory soups are like no other soups. and now you can recreate these delicious soups in your own home. The New England Soup Factory Cookbook contains 100 of Boston's best-tasting traditional and creative soup recipes. The book also includes a chapter on sandwiches and salads to accompany such soups as . . .

  • New England Clam Chowder
  • Wild Mushroom and Barley Soup
  • Curried Crab and Coconut Soup
  • Raspberry-Nectarine Gazpacho
  • Cucumber-Buttermilk Soup

#4 All the Soup Recipes You Ever Dream of in one Cookbook: French onion Soup, Tomatoes Soup, Thai Soup, Mushrooms Soup and So on

Martha Stephenson
Kindle: $3.95
Paperback: $12.99

What about if I told you that you could prepare a delicious chicken French onion soup? Would you believe me and be excited to learn how to make it from starch? This cookbook is exciting to me because soups are meals to discover. Soups are comforting and necessary to your mood sometimes, especially on a cold winter day.

The soup recipes you will find in the book are unique, and pretty easy to execute because this is our trademark. We always thrive to give you some common ingredients, well combined and with a substitute in case you don't have what it takes handy. Also, over the years, we know you are becoming your own culinary expert, but you will love to use this cookbook as a guide, for sure.

#5 Soup & Comfort: A Cookbook of Homemade Recipes to Warm the Soul

Pamela Ellgen
Kindle: $6.29

The answer to your dinnertime dilemma. Family-friendly soups to satisfy your soul—and stomach.

To close the coldest, bone-chilling day or soothe the roughest afternoon, turn to Soup & Comfort for hearty classics, international favorites, and inventive updates.

Packed with pages of nourishing, emotionally satisfying soups and stews using affordable, fresh, easy-to-find ingredients (No bouillon cubes here!), every recipe in this soup cookbook caters to a wide variety of dietary preferences and tastes, from tantalizing vegetarian versions to gluten-free options.

Featuring full-color photos, Soup & Comfort explores the many ways that homemade soup can nourish body and soul, with:

  • 135 mouthwatering recipes, from comfort classics like Grandma’s Chicken Noodle to international flavors like Chicken Faux Pho
  • Time-saving tips for making great stocks and preparing perfect garnishes
  • Convenient fix-and-forget slow cooker recipes plus handy soup tips to liven leftovers

from chilled soups to chowders, Soup & Comfort offers something for everyone to enjoy—one spoonful at a time.

#6 Thai Soup Cookbook - Delicious Thai Fusion Food Recipes: 30 Easy and Quick Soul-Warming Soup Recipes

Ted Alling
Kindle: $3.95
Paperback: $12.99

This tantalizing assemblage of recipes offer you the opportunity to try out delicious traditional, and contemporary Thai Soup Cookbook delights.

Whether it is teatime festivity, average get-together, birthday bash or festival event this Thai Soup Cookbook will help you out to make scrumptious and amazing soups fit for any occasion. No other Thai Cookbook will offer the variety you will find here.

This Thai cookbook is the collection of 30 soul-warming and satisfying Thai food recipes equipped with easy to follow steps and precise measurements to ensure you get the same amazing taste in every bite. So grab a copy of this Thai Soup cookbook now and make your friends and family blissful with the flavor of Thai Food recipes.

#7 The Soup Club Cookbook: Feed Your Friends, Feed Your Family, Feed Yourself

Courtney Allison
Kindle: $10.99

Four busy moms share not only their formula for starting a soup club--which gives you at least three meals every month when you don't have to worry about dinner--but also 150 fantastic recipes for soups and sides and storing tips for stretching those meals across the week.
The Soup Club began when four friends (who, between them, have four husbands and ten hungry kids and several jobs) realized that they didn’t actually have to cook at home every night to take pleasure in a home-cooked meal. They simply had to join forces and share meals, even if they weren’t actually eating them together. Caroline, Courtney, Julie, and Tina happen to be neighbors, but a soup club is for anyone: colleagues, a group of workout buddies, a book club. All you need are a few people who simply want to have more home-cooked food in their lives.

in a soup club each person takes a turn making soup. Soup is forgiving, versatile, and perfect for sharing; it can be spiced to taste, topped elaborately or not at all, and dressed up or down. It travels well and reheats beautifully. The Soup Club Cookbook also has dozens of tips for cooking in quantity and for tailoring soup to individual tastes and needs. Here, too, are simple guidelines for starting your own soup club, anecdotes, and a few cautionary tales  that will inspire anyone to share food and eat well.
Recipes include quick and easies, classics, twist on favorites, and dozens of flavor-rich new crowd pleasers, including:  

   • Carrot Coconut and Chicken Chili,
   • Senegalese Peanut Soup
   • Faux Ramen
   • Red Lentil Curry Soup
   • Potato Cheddar Soup
   • Sun Dried Tomato Soup
   • Jeweled Rice Salad
   • Cheddar Cornbread,
   • summer Corn Hash
   • Soy Simmered Chicken Wings

#8 Scrumptious Soup Recipes: All Your Favourite ingredients; Chicken, onion, Lentil and More

Daniel Humphreys
Kindle: $3.95
Paperback: $12.99

Nothing is more nurturing than a bowl of delicious soup! The whole family loves soup and the home-made recipes in this book will be sure to put a smile on your loved one’s faces and bring a warmth to everyone’s tummy! Whether it be chicken, onion, lentil or an Asian style soup – we’ve got you covered!

#9 The Holiday Soup Cookbook - 30 Delicious Soup Recipes: Also included, Rare Chicken Soup Recipes!

Martha Stephenson
Kindle: $3.95
Paperback: $12.99

30 Delicious Soup Recipes

That warm aroma of soup rising from the pot and making its way through the house gives satisfying pleasure. Soups are served all over the world with a hint of different culture and their traditional spices. For centuries people have been having soup for curing the cold, losing weight and satisfying their never ending cravings.

This soup cookbook has thirty recipes gathered up for you. These soup recipes range from a simple chicken soup recipe to other vegan and chicken soup recipes that are perfect for any main course meal as well as an appetizer. Whether you are looking for something to satisfy sudden hunger pangs or serve at a grand feast, you can never go wrong with a large bowl of soup.

#10 Sometimes A Good Soup Can Do the Trick!: Healthy Chicken Soup Recipes to Warm Up Your Heart

Ted Alling
Kindle: $3.95
Paperback: $12.99

“Sometimes A Good Soup Can Do The Trick! Healthy Soup Recipes to Warm up Your Heart- Healthy Chicken Soup Recipes for Everyone” is the complete guide to cooking the most unbelievable chicken soups ever. It’s extremely well written and it’s brought to you in the most clear and concise manner. It’s meant to gain your attention from the beginning.

It provided all sorts of chicken soup recipes. You will learn how to make the basic and easy chicken soup broth used to prepare different chicken soups, stews and sauces but you will also find out how to make the best classic international chicken soups and the most amazing cream of chicken soups ever.

“Sometimes A Good Soup Can Do The Trick! Healthy Soup Recipes to Warm up Your Heart- Healthy Chicken Soup Recipes for Everyone” is one of those culinary journeys you just have to take at least once in a lifetime. Chicken soups will soon become your new favorite dish!

“Sometimes A Good Soup Can Do The Trick! Healthy Soup Recipes to Warm up Your Heart- Healthy Chicken Soup Recipes for Everyone” was designed to gain your full admiration and we think that it will easily become your most useful guide in the kitchen! Have fun reading and using this special cooking guide!

#11 Healthy Soup Recipes: Goodness in a Mug!

April Blomgren
Kindle: $3.95
Paperback: $12.99

These days, time is always at a premium, but nevertheless we want to eat healthily and economically but are often left wondering home!

A solution lies in this book which introduces you to the wonderful world of homemade soups with recipes from all over Europe that that are inexpensive to make and both nutritious and delicious to eat... why not try a recipe today?

You will soon appreciate why soups have been an important part of the diet for countless generations.

#12 ladle: paleo and gluten-free comfort soups

Michelle Fagone
Kindle: $6.95

Michelle Fagone, AKA Cavegirl Cuisine, has become a lovable and quirky social media sensation with a Facebook following of over 140,000 fans! Her newest creation, Ladle: paleo and gluten-free soup recipes, contains 50 fresh soups laid out in a beautifully full-color photographed cookbook. from simple creamy soups that can be made in 30 minutes, to a variety of soups, stews, chowders, and chilis, there is something for everyone. Ladle is for you if you follow a paleo/gluten-free diet, are dairy intolerant, enjoy meals made from fresh ingredients, and finally, just like soup!


There’s nothing as nourishing and comforting as a steaming bowl of soup. If you’re looking to seriously level up your broth game, Michelle Fagone’s Ladle is the comprehensive Paleo soup primer for you!
— Michelle Tam New York Times best-selling author of Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans

Colorful, nutritious, and flavorful, homemade soup is the ultimate, one-pot comfort food. from broth basics to simple creamy soups and international recipes with flair, Ladle is a one-stop source for everything you need to become a soup expert.
— Melissa Joulwan, author of Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love To Eat and Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat

Soups are arguably the most nourishing ways to enjoy meals, but let’s face it — they can quickly become a little boring. Ladle flips that predicament on its head, with over 50 allergen-friendly recipes fit for any mood. from Bacon Chicken Chowder and Cowboy Beef Stew to Lobster Bisque, this is a must-have resource for every soup-loving foodie!
— Russ Crandall, New York Times bestselling author of Paleo Takeout and The Ancestral Table

I've said it before and I’ll say it again, I am obsessed with soup! There isn’t a time of day or day of the year that soup isn’t the perfect go-to meal. in true Cavegirl fashion, Michelle has married creativity and practicality with this delicious line up of year round soup recipes. If you are a soup fan like I am, you will be “souper” pleased to add this to your collection!
— Jennifer Robins from predominantly paleo and author of Down South Paleo

#13 Souping For Weight Loss: Detox, Cleanse and Lose Weight with Delicious, Plant-Powered Soup Recipes

Kasia Roberts
Kindle: $2.99

There are health trends that appear and vanish with a blink of an eye, and then there are health trends that aren’t really trends at all, but rather sound, effective methods that seem to suddenly catch everyone’s interest bring about long standing positive change in our health and vitality. one such method is what is now called “souping”. The thing about souping is that it has been around for generations, even centuries. Soup has long been viewed as a sort of wonder food that can be healing to the body and spirit. As a sibling to juicing, souping takes all of the healthy power of a juice detox and amplifies it with greater nutrients, greater variety and greater satisfaction. With souping you get the whole of the vegetables, fruits and grains, not just the water mess that is left after the good parts have been disposed of.
This book presents the concept of souping in an incredibly easy and sensible format. All you want to know about souping, along with many incredibly nutritious and cleansing recipes are included, as well as a three day plan to get you started. If you are looking to rid yourself of the constant sluggish feeling, have more energy and ease chronic health conditions, then this nutritious, effective, yet gentle method of detoxifying your body is perfect for you. 

#14 Soup & Souping: The Essential Soup Recipes and Cookbook: Delicious Soup and Souping Recipes For body Cleanse, Detox, Diet, Weight Loss and Improve Health

Laurent Green
Kindle: $2.99

Let's talk about soup. and souping. and everything in between!

If you think you know about soup or souping, then you NEED to read this book!

"Soup & Souping" is an interesting, easy to follow, informative cookbook. It explains everything about soups, its history, as well as its benefits in the modern day's lifestyle, which includes the newest trend: souping.

This book provides a large collection of carefully hand-picked, delicious, exquisite soup and souping recipes from around the world, which includes the benefits and nutritional facts for each recipe.

99 soup and souping recipes are inside, including:

  • Broth and stock recipes
  • Clear soup recipes
  • Creamy soup recipes
  • Pureed soup recipes
  • Chowder, bouillon, bisque recipes
  • Souping and Juicing recipes
  • and so MUCH MorE!
So what are you waiting for? It's FREE for Kindle Unlimited users!

Download this book today, by clicking on the "Buy Now" button at the top!

#15 Soup Cleanse: Healthy Soup Recipes To Detox Your Body and Promote Healing (souping, soup detox, body detox)

Susan T. Williams
Kindle: $4.99

Detoxifying the body through soup cleansing is not a new practice, in fact it is one that goes back for hundreds of years. Throughout history, soup cleanses have been used to detoxify the body from specific conditions, as well as to protect the body against potentially weakening diseases, disorders or illnesses. Over time, this treatment by alchemists, doctors and nutritionists has led to a more powerful understanding of the healing properties of whole ingredients.

The best way to detox

Throughout this book, you will find detoxifying soup recipes all in some way derived from this extensive nutritional research. including ingredients rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, each soup throughout this book is based on the premise of cleansing and healing while strengthening the body. These nutrient dense whole foods serve to detoxify your entire body through reducing inflammation, promoting cellular health and assisting bodily systems to eliminate toxins. During this process, however, these ingredients also serve to soothe and rebuild your vital systems, by providing raw nutrition and optimal access to that nutrition. After all, what good is cleansing your body, if you aren’t going to nurture it with the basic building blocks that it requires to function healthily once cleansed?

Here is a preview of what this book contains.

inside you will get a comprehensive view of full body detoxing through soup. included within this simple guide are details on what a soup cleanse is, the purpose of soup cleansing, a brief history of soup cleansing, and – perhaps most importantly – a sample soup cleanse menu. Then, in order to get you jump started on your own soup cleanse, you will find many tasty recipes to start you off!

Amazing recipes and more!

The recipes included in this book are divided in to four distinct sections to cater both to special dietary needs, as well as variations in cravings. The four sections of recipes you will find inside include: sweet soups, savory soups (including bone broth soups,) vegan friendly soups and gluten-free soups. Each of these sections then include enough variety in ingredients to provide unique health benefits and detoxifying properties.

Whether you are in the mood for a cool cleansing soup, a nutrient dense bone broth, a sweet breakfast soup, a tasty dessert soup or something a little more hardy, you will find recipes to suit every craving.

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#16 Soup Cleanse Cookbook: Embrace a Better Body and a Healthier You with the Weekly Soup Plan

Nicole Centeno
Kindle: $9.99

Discover a healthier you with the ultimate cure-all: soup.

Throw out everything you think you know about wellness. There's a new way to cleanse, and it doesn't involve deprivation or strict rules. A soup cleanse is the modern alternative to quick-fix diets and juice cleanses: It's nutrient-dense, satisfying, and convenient for any lifestyle. Souping employs the simple philosophy that truly connecting with your food helps establish lasting habits so you can reveal your best self.

in the Soup Cleanse Cookbook, you'll discover how small tweaks to your weekly meals and mealtime rituals make a big difference in your health. Seventy-five plant-based and gluten-free recipes can be mixed and matched for a customizable weekly plan that includes a dedicated souping day, 5 days of soup for lunch, and an "anything goes" day. or, follow one of the soup categories, each designed to address different health needs, like boosting immunity, revving up energy, and encouraging weight loss.

Creative suggestions and actionable tips simplify the concept of cleansing and help incorporate more veggies into your daily diet. The Soup Cleanse Cookbook makes mindful eating truly splendid.

#17 Souping: Lose Weight - Cleanse - Detoxify - Re-Energize; Over 80 Deliciously Healthy Recipes

Alison Velázquez
Kindle: $11.56

Souping is a new way to cleanse and detoxify the body. Compared to juicing and juice cleansing, which are both high in sugar and less satisfying than soup, souping combines the health benefits of whole foods and a wide array of soups (hot and cold) for a more satisfying and healthier way to cleanse and detoxify the body, lose weight, boost energy, and much more.

Souping is a new cookbook that is packed with over 100 delicious and incredibly healthy soup recipes that can be eaten on the go, along with unique cleansing programs for losing weight, detoxifying the body, improving hair and skin, boosting immunity, boosting energy, and improving overall health. You will learn to make satisfying soups that use whole ingredients, and to follow programs that range from one to seven days, while never offering the same menu twice. The recipes include hot and cold soups, as well as soups that are savory, sweet, filling, energizing, refreshing, and calming. Each recipe is simple to make and includes step-by-step instructions for making and storing each soup, the nutritional breakdown, and an explanation of the health benefits of the key ingredients of each soup. Cleansing plans include day-by-day menus using a breakfast, lunch, and dinner format.

#18 Souping: The New Juicing - Detox, Cleanse & Weight Loss (Detox, Cleanse, Weight Loss, Juicing, Gluten Free, Gut Health, Souping)

Susie Campbell
Kindle: $2.99

Embrace the Convenient, Healing Power of Souping!

✗✗✗ 2nd Edition updated 3/29/2016 ✗✗✗

How does souping improve on juicing? What can it do for you – and your body?

Read Souping: The New Juicing - Detox, Cleanse & Weight Loss for FREE on Kindle Unlimited - order Now!

With Souping: The New Juicing - Detox, Cleanse & Weight Loss, you'll learn to nourish your body with the benefits of a liquid diet without having to endure day-after-day of smoothies, get into today’s best new health trend - souping!

Did you know?

Soup has less sugar than juice, Souping doesn’t require any expensive equipment like juicers,
  • Soup is convenient and easy-to-store, It’s easier to stick to a souping diet than a juice cleanse, You can load up your soups with a vast array of veggies, herbs, spices, and broths!

    Souping lets you lose weight and heal your body - without hunger!

    Souping: The New Juicing - Detox, Cleanse & Weight Loss offers a huge variety of delicious souping recipes for amazing health benefits. You’ll love to try Creamy Vegan Cauliflower Soup with Kale Garlic Drizzle, Red Pepper and Edamame Soup, and Tortellini in Brodo!

    Hurry! Download Souping: The New Juicing - Detox, Cleanse & Weight Loss right away! Just scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button.

    Download Your Copy TOday!

  • #19 Power Souping: 3-day Detox, 3-Week Weight-Loss Plan

    Rachel Beller
    Kindle: $10.99

    Step aside, juicing—souping is the newest way to build a better body and power your health, all while enjoying big bowls of soup filled with real, satisfying ingredients. Unlike high-sugar, low-fiber juice cleanses, souping is just the opposite—low sugar, high fiber, and filling!

    Known as America’s get-real nutritionist Rachel Beller has created a transformative, science-based plan to help you detox and drop pounds without deprivation. You’ll find more than 50 delicious soup recipes and an easy 3-step action plan:

    • 3-day Detox: pure, clean souping to jump-start your weight loss

    • 3-Week Transformation: shed up to 15 pounds with tasty soups and other healthy meals

    • Maintenance Method: tips to keep you on this simple and sustainable plan

    The best part: Power Souping will revolutionize the way you think about what you put in your body—for now and for life. You will get all the nutrients that you need—no crashing, no falling back into bad habits when the “diet” is done. With dozens of flavorful soups to choose from—hot and cold, sweet and savory, and numerous vegan and gluten-free options—Power Souping is not only a practical weight-loss method, but also a guide to feeling your amazing best.

    So grab your spoon and get ready to transform your body—and your life.

    #20 The Women's Health Big Book of Smoothies & Soups: More than 100 Blended Recipes for Boosted Energy, Brighter Skin & Better Health

    The Editors of Women's Health
    Kindle: $9.99

    Cure any ailment, from PMS to the common cold, with delicious smoothies and soups.

    It's easy to explain the craze for soups and smoothies: They're fast, super simple, extremely good for you, and don't leave a lot of dishes to clean up--plus they are an easy way to get in power foods that keep your body energized and your mind sharp. With one appliance and 5 minutes, you can get all the benefits of whole foods and home cooking, minus the stress and mess.

    in The Women's Health Big Book of Smoothies & Soups, nutritionist Lisa DeFazio shares more than 100 blended recipes specifically formulated with the nutrients you need to fuel up and take on the world, one tasty gulp at a time. Having a stressful day? You can find smoothies to help you unwind. Battling a stubborn winter cold? Try an immunity-boosting soup. You'll reap all the benefits of eating more fresh fruits and veggies, from glowing skin to off-the-charts energy. Just grab your blender and eat your way to better health!

    #21 Soup Cookbook: Simple and Healthy Homemade Recipes to Warm the Soul: Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss (Souping and Soup Diet on a Budget Book 1)

    Vesela Tabakova
    Kindle: $3.99

    What’s for dinner! - Family-friendly Soups to Satisfy Your Soul - and Stomach

    from the author of several bestselling cookbooks, Vesela Tabakova, comes a great new collection of delicious, easy to make recipes. This time she offers us a veritable around-the-world of healthy soup recipes. Comforting and enjoyable, soothing and healing - you are sure to find the perfect recipe whether it is for a laid-back lunch with friends and family, a sophisticated starter, or just a simple supper.
    Soup Cookbook: Simple and Healthy Homemade Recipes to Warm the Soul is an invaluable and delicious collection of mouthwatering soup recipes that will please everyone at the table and become all time favorites.
    If you're looking for delicious soups that are healthy and budget-friendly, warm up with these easy-to-throw-together-on-a-busy-day soup recipes!
    ***FREE BonUS RECIPES at the end of the book - 20 Easy Paleo, Gluten-Free, Fat Burning Smoothies for Better Health and Natural Weight Loss***

    #22 Fearless Broths and Soups: Ditch the Boxes and Cans with 60 Simple Recipes for Real People on Real Budgets

    Craig Fear
    Kindle: $4.99

    in Search of the Perfect Healthy Meal?

    You know you want to start eating healthy, but it seems too complicated, too expensive, and too time-consuming. Maybe you suffer from insomnia or skin disorders. Maybe it’s digestive ailments like IBS or ulcers. Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis. There’s no shortage of diet information on the internet these days, but it seems a little extreme for your tastes. Isn’t there a way to get back to basics? Isn’t there a way to eat healthy and maybe even resolve some of your health issues without resorting to cutting out major food groups?

    Convenience Doesn’t Have to Cost You Your Health

    Maybe your health concerns aren’t so dramatic, but you still want to feed your family the best food you can. Maybe you’re just looking for a meal you can put on the table in mere minutes after you get home from work. Something hearty, satisfying, and healthy that you can prepare ahead of time and have ready for any meal of the day. The solution to convenient, healthy meals won’t be found in any box, can, or package. All you’ll find there is MSG, trans fats, and “natural” flavors. No, the solution to a simple, hearty meal will start in your stockpot.

    Soup, It’s What’s for Dinner

    Craig Fear knows soup. Not in a pretentious, chef-y way, but in a way your grandmother might, and he’s collected his best recipes in Fearless Broths and Soups. Affordable, nourishing, and fast–that’s what this book is about. Gain confidence in the kitchen. Get your kids (and fellow adults) to like broccoli. Learn how cooking in bulk can save you time and money. Never have another blank stare when asked, “What’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner?” It’s soup!

    #23 Cleansing Soups: Souping To a Healthier Life

    Kindle: $3.50

    Every one of us wants to eat better and be able to maintain our health at the optimum level.
    Living in today toxic world, we are accumulating toxins in our body every day. We are not getting the toxins just from the foods or unhealthy diets, but are also exposed to chemicals that are flying freely in the environment .The best way to clean and keep our body clean from toxins is through regular detoxification with cleansing soups.
    If you want to restore your health to its optimum level, try cleansing soups. Souping is a satisfying and healthier method to cleanse and detoxify the body.
    Well, it is time to say goodbye to your unexplained energy loss and feel alive again. Stop prolonging; start souping to a healthier you today!

    #24 Soup: A Recipe to Create a Culture of Greatness

    Jon Gordon
    Kindle: $9.44

    Why it matters who's stirring the pot

    Soup offers an inspirational business fable that explains the "recipe" you can use to create a winning culture and boost employee morale and engagement. The story follows Nancy, the newly anointed CEO of America's Favorite Soup Company. She has been brought in to reinvigorate the brand and bring success back to a company that has lost its flavor and profit and has fallen on hard times. Fatefully, while eating lunch at a local soup shop, Nancy discovers the key ingredients to unite, engage, and inspire her team and create a culture of greatness.

    • from the bestselling author of The Energy Bus, The No Complaining Rule, and Training Camp
    • Find out how culture drives behavior, behavior drives habits, and habits deliver results
    • Create relationships that are the foundation upon which successful careers and winning teams are built
    • Features quick takeaways you can use to invest in your people, build trust, create unity, and enhance engagement

    A turnaround tale like few others, Soup will inspire you to work in your own company to unleash the passion that delivers superior results.

    #25 Calling on All Soup Lovers: The Best Soup Recipes You Can't Live Without

    April Blomgren
    Kindle: $2.99

    According to researchers, soup consumers are believed to have an overall better eating habits than those who do not consume soups, and the reason being that soups contain a more readily digestible proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber. They also contain fewer calories and fat, and they can be consumed either in-between meals or as a full course meal. With these benefits in mind, it is important to have as many soup recipes that will make the habit of soup eating even more interesting, enjoyable and fun.

    To make your soup recipe even more palatable, you can add some chicken components or even make French onion soups known for their ability to boost the body’s metabolism, and strengthen immunity especially during the cold flu seasons. This book has been carefully written and arranged to help you choose the healthiest and the best soups you can ever imagine and some of the things you will learn include;

    - The healthy French onion soups for general well-being.
    - The most tantalizing chicken soups for all occasions.
    - The most scrumptious soups mixed with vegetables and fruits.
    - Diverse soup recipes from different continents and countries of the world.
    - The health benefits of consuming soups, and much more!

    Let's Get Cooking! Scroll Back Up and Grab Your Copy Today!

    Click the Download with 1-Click Button at the top right of the screen or "Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited" now!

    Then, you can immediately begin reading Calling on All Soup Lovers: The Best Soup Recipes You Can’t Live Without on your Kindle Device, Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

    #26 Asian Soup Cookbook: A Collection of Easy, Simple, and Delicious Asian Soups

    Booksumo Press
    Kindle: $2.99

    All of Asia. in the form of Delicious Soups. Prepared Simply.

    Get your copy of the best and most unique Asian Soup recipes from Booksumo Press!

    Come take a journey into the delights of delicious Asian Soups. The point of this cookbook is effortless cooking.

    in this book we focus on cooking Asian Soups. The Asian Soup Cookbook is a complete set of simple but very unique Asian Soup recipes. You will find that even though the recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing.

    Come and see the amazing possibilities when you choose to make Asian Soups at home.

    Here is a preview of the diverse types of Asian Soups you will learn to prepare:

    • Tofu Mushroom Soup
    • Udon Soup
    • onion Soup
    • Easy Coconut Soup
    • Taiwanese Corn Soup
    • Wonton Soup
    • Hot and Spicy Soup
    • Egg Drop Soup
    • Korean Curry Soup
    • Filipino Chicken Stew

    Again remember these recipes are unique so be ready to try some new things. Also remember that the style of Asian Soup preparation used in this cookbook is effortless. So even though the Asian Soups will be unique and great tasting, creating them will take minimal effort!

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    #27 Soup of the day

    Kate McMillan
    Kindle: $5.99

    This revised edition of the 2012 best-selling title features 100 new seasonally driven recipes and a selection of new full-color photography. This well curated collection of recipes offers a delicious soup for every day of the year.

    Soup is often thought of as comfort dish for cold weather, Soup of the day showcases how diverse soups can be. from light gazpachos to hearty chowders, cream of tomato to chicken noodle, vegetable-lentils to steak and potatoes, there’s something to please every palate throughout the year—and plenty of full-meal soups for easy dinner solutions.

    New recipes include:
    Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Crispy Pancetta & Gremolata
    Creamy Brussels Sprouts Soup with Maple Bacon
    indian-Spiced Parsnip Soup with Grilled Naan
    Mac & Cheese Chili
    Tofu-Kimchi Stew
    Mushroom, Leek, Wheat Berries & Shrimp Soup
    Snow Pea Consommé with Cheese Tortellini
    Caramelized Leek Soup with Blue Cheese Crumble
    Lamb & Chickpea Chili with Cumin Crema
    Carrot-Gruyere Soup with Brown Butter Croutons
    Asiago-Stout Soup with Caramelized Spicy Pears
    Ramen with Roasted Pork & Soft Egg in Spicy, Soy Broth
    Clam & Celery Root Chowder
    Cream of Black Bean Soup with Roasted Poblanos & Cotija Cheese
    Provencal Chard Soup with Lardoons
    Ginger–Galangal Broth with Chili & Chicken
    Meyer Lemon & Potato Soup
    Tomato Tarragon Soup with Fennel Croutons
    Grilled Asparagus & Green onion Soup with Poached Egg
    Corn & Spinach Chowder with Avocado

    The recipes are categorized by month of the year and laid out in an easy-to-follow, calendar format. The monthly calendars highlight the season’s best ingredients to bring you fresh and delicious flavor combinations all year round.